Monday, April 7, 2014

Some Housekeeping

This is the housekeeping that I've been doing for the last four weeks:

A picture of two people looking exhausted and unhappy in a block figure of a house.  Top room: "Pack up room, move to basement.  Install cupboards.  Get new floor installed."  Green bedroom: "In one night, move all of both bedroom furniture into the other room.  Get new floor installed."  Purple bedroom: "Stuff all bedroom furniture into other bedroom.  Get new floor installed."  Kitchen: "Stuff kitchen with furniture, leave enough room for a single plate at tiny dinner table."  Living room: "Pack up room, move to basement.  Get new floor installed."  Front hall: "Leave enough room to get out of house via front door."  Basement: "Stuff with furniture.  Eventually un-stuff with furniture, carrying all boxes upstairs."
You'll have to imagine the associated angst.  I assure you, there was a lot.
It didn't leave much time for drawing, particularly when I packed up the top room, which is where my computer lives.

So, this week will be a bit of catch-up on some housekeeping notes for this place.

Post Titles:

My best friend read the blog and she gave me three comments.

1) I had made a spelling mistake in a post.  "Genious" is not spelled that way - clearly I'm very smart.
2) She wished that she could be as funny as me.  This statement could have been to prepare me for the next point.
3) She thought that starting the title of every post with "Let's talk about X" was not a "genious" thing to do.

"If you wrote a blog about pickles," she said, "would you include pickles in ever post title?  'My picklish day', 'Some pickle-tastic advice', 'It's raining pickles'?"

Yes, I thought, yes I probably would.

"Anyways," she went on.  "It just means that you start having to combine separate articles on similar subjects into millions of parts and then it starts reading funny."

So, fine.  I can take some criticism.  You'll notice that from now on, the titles of the post are actual titles, sans reference to talking about things.

If you think otherwise, feel free to let me know!

Post Footers

I had a post footer that I was using at the bottom of most posts.  It read:  
Please realize that "Let's Talk Investing" is not authored by a financial planner, adviser, or a professional investor in any capacity. As such, this is not expert advice in legal, taxation, financial, or any type of information that may be provided. The reader must realize this when reading these articles and must not rely on them as the ultimate source of information but must seek proper verification from the appropriate professionals before acting on any of this information.
I felt like it gave the wrong impression.  Here I was trying to tell people to take ownership of their own finances and then I was turning around and telling them that they should seek professional help?

So, I've changed that.  You'll now see at the bottom of the page the following notice that I think sums everything up a bit better.
I'm an investor who likes to talk about investment. Take my words in conjunction with the words of all the other people in your life that you talk to about investment. Then, make your own, brilliant choices with confidence.
Posting Times

When I started, I was only drawing one or two pictures; I figured I could write about one post a week.  Now I enjoy drawing lots of pictures and I think that they tell interesting stories.  But, pictures take time and living through renovations has taught me that I don't have much.  I churned through the queue of 3 posts that I'd put together in as many weeks and lately have been scraping up against the deadline each week.  So, I'm pushing the schedule back to once every two weeks.  Possibly permanently, but at least until I can get a good number of scheduled posts in the queue again.

I've got a nice fun one for next week, and then the following update will be two weeks after that.  Thanks again for reading here.

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