Monday, March 10, 2014

Let's Talk about Experiences with Money

I was six years old when I lost my skates at the skating rink on a school field trip.

They weren't the first things that I had lost that winter.

"So cold... so very, very cold...  What could possibly cause this feeling?"

My mom wanted to break me of my habit of losing things by showing me that there were consequences for negligence.  I needed replacement skates so that I could participate in the school activity, but she decided that I would be the one to pay for them.

Money wasn't a new concept for me; I had recently started receiving an allowance.  I received 3$ per week, which I would take to the local gas station and buy myself candy.  I liked taffy and chocolate bars and penny candy.

"This offering of silver coins only feeds my inner rage." --Elle, 1991

I was sufficiently well-versed financially to know that my 3$ per week allowance wasn't enough to buy a new pair of skates.

We replaced my skates and I learned the concept of debt.

Every weekend for an eternity that probably lasted about 12 weeks, my mother would call me and my sister over to receive our allowances.  Each of us received three loonies.

Then, every weekend for an eternity that probably lasted about 12 weeks, I had to give the three loonies back to her.

Every week.  For months.

Yes, there was a log sheet.

I credit this experience with making me into a super awesome saver of money.

It did not cure me of my forgetfulness.

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